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KENTEER is a professional automotive film solution provider with more than 27 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of pressure sensitive adhesive, tpu, silicone coating materials. Our main products are different visual effects of the car color film, the main markets in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Our purpose is to help partners smoothly carry out regional distribution, deepen the market together, and provide better solutions for channel business users.

It is our mission to create beauty and enhance value. We like to create more and more market share for our partners and provide regional market protection policies and services to make more successful products together. We are really happy to offer you unlimited possibilities and let us work together to create stylish exterior designs with different colors of car wrap film.

We are an established and reliable manufacturer. KENTEER is our own brand.

We have invested heavily in color film research and development, experimental equipment, and manufacturing capabilities so that we can fully develop and control all of our product lines in-house. We have 6 coater, 4 slitting machine, one flat cutting machine, constant temperature and humidity room)

In addition, we are constantly looking for innovative ideas to provide better value for customer service.

Always adhere to win-win cooperation, sustainable development as the principle, and cooperate with partners to explore the global market.

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